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Amanda Nolan Booker is a photographer and prop stylist based in Chattanooga, Tennessee. Her photography, built upon natural light, aims to celebrate the simple, yet spellbinding beauty of a single moment, whichever form it may take. A love for history and a inclination towards nostalgia, stemming no doubt from her years as a vintage shop owner, have great influence over her creative process, allowing storytelling to become the cornerstone of both her photography and styling work. When not behind the camera you will often find her painting, baking, thrifting or scouring antique shops for unique pieces to add to her prop collection.

Clients include Hershey, Cracker Barrel, IAMS, Blake's All Natural, True & Co., Luuup, method, Lily's Sweets, Coopers' Craft, Amore, Dove Chocolate, and more.

To view my brand work, please contact me to receive a  press kit.

All eternity is in the moment.
— Mary Oliver