Seaworthy Jewelry


Quality over quality. It's at the heart of my favorite small businesses. I'm more likely to impulsively spend an inordinate amount of money at a thrift store than at a mall (unless it's an antique mall we're talking about...) and, as recent as four years ago, my entire wardrobe was made up entirely of vintage clothing. 100% vintage. And as for jewelry? I didn't wear it. The simplicity of design I was seeking just couldn't be found in the vintage market (at least not in my price range), so I opted to go without. Thanks to social media platforms like Instagram and Pinterest it's been increasingly easier to discover brands I love. It was through Instagram that I came across Seaworthy, a handmade jewelry line by designer Marisa Howard. She employs four women, and based in Portland, Oregon, this small team of five focuses on clean and minimal designs and sustainable production practices. Over the years I have watched them release one stunning collection after another and am delighted to finally have a few pieces of my own. I wear my Orina cuff every. single. day. Because they have chosen a minimalistic approach, every piece you own will inevitably become a staple, a perfect finishing touch to any outfit. Just what I was looking for.

I'm wearing the Bixa necklace and Orina cuff, as well as the Parsec ring and Chrondrite ring from their latest collection, Gravity.


All jewelry by Seaworthy. Take some time to browse their site and be sure to follow them on Instagram as well!

Glasses by Warby Parker

Top by Elizabeth Suzann

Jeans are vintage Levi 501's


Additional photos by Morgan Shea Price