Regina of Forged & Found


Last week I traveled to Georgia, accompanied by Morgan Shea Price, to meet and photograph the multitalented Regina of Forged & Found in her Athens studio. Immediately upon arriving on her doorstep, Regina cheerfully lead us inside, out of the sweltering afternoon heat and into the most inviting space. (As for me, I felt quite at home right away and may have even taken my shoes off less than 5 minutes later.) As I watched Regina at work I was so in awe of her skill, her hands moving deftly to create such beautiful, functional art, that I nearly forgot I wasn't merely an observer. Have you ever watched a potter at the wheel? Completely bewitching. Fortunately, I managed to free myself from the trance and you can see the results from our visit below. Enjoy!

regina (9 of 37).jpg



To learn more about Regina and her work, visit her website here. And be sure to keep in touch with her on Instagram and Pinterest!

Morgan documented our overnight trip and shared on her vlog! You can watch the video here. Morgan is a makeup artist, photographer, and new Youtuber and you will continue to hear me rave about her. Subscribe to her YouTube channel for genius make-up tutorials and much more! I'm biased, sure, but I can assure you won't regret it. You can also follow her on Instagram here.