As promised, I'm sharing some favorite photos of 2017 here with you today. It's mostly still lifes, tea scenes, and photos of my cat Lucy, but I'm assuming that's what you came here for? And while we're here I thought I'd share some personal accomplishments too, as well as my resolutions for 2018. This was a year of more successes than failures (though mistakes were made) and that's what I'll be celebrating on New Year's Eve. Thank you for your support this year - so much more to come.

In 2017:

  1. I quit smoking. January 3rd marks seven months since my final cigarette after ten years of smoking habitually.
  2. I completed my 365 daily drawing project. In the end it made drawing tedious and made me feel very constricted. Instead, I'm going to focus on working in my little home studio each day, whether making art or just tidying up or organizing my thoughts. It's all work.
  3. I completed my first year of art school. I started school Fall 2016 and completed my first year back this May. 

Favorite things of 2017:

  1. These jeans.  I probably wear mine every other day.
  2. This tea. Lauren makes my favorite teas. You should try them all. This one in particular is my go-to tea for anxiety relief.
  3. These chocolate bars. If you're a lover of SUPER dark chocolate, you'll be in heaven. My favorites are the original Extra Dark and the Salted Almond.
  4. These paint brushes and blenders. This is my favorite place to purchase brushes. No contest. I've yet to find better quality brushes at this price point. Plus, they have PAGES of sets for you to browse, many of which were chosen by the artists who use the sets in their own work.
  5. This camera lens. Having used my little 50mm lens since purchasing my camera, I was so ready for an upgrade this year. I saved up for this lens and it is everything I wanted and more. Highly recommended.
  6. The YouTube channel, The Worst Taste, is a gold mine for chill music I love. You're welcome.
  7. The Atlas Obscura newsletter is everything to me. Do yourself a favorite and subscribe on their website. You will receive the most wonderful and strange articles in your inbox every day.

My New Year resolutions for 2018:

  1. Make more paintings.
  2. Work in my home studio every day.
  3. Better familiarize myself with contemporary artists and their work.
  4. Commit to a daily meditation practice.
  5. Practice yoga at least three times a week. Going out for yoga is not my thing so I use Yoga With Adriene in my home practice. 
  6. Read 30 books. Last year my goal was 25 books  and I only accomplished it because I read the entire Sookie Stackhouse series on a deranged whim. Whether or not my choices will improve with the new year remains to be seen. Still, 30 books!

Happy New Year!

Seaworthy Jewelry


Quality over quality. It's at the heart of my favorite small businesses. I'm more likely to impulsively spend an inordinate amount of money at a thrift store than at a mall (unless it's an antique mall we're talking about...) and, as recent as four years ago, my entire wardrobe was made up entirely of vintage clothing. 100% vintage. And as for jewelry? I didn't wear it. The simplicity of design I was seeking just couldn't be found in the vintage market (at least not in my price range), so I opted to go without. Thanks to social media platforms like Instagram and Pinterest it's been increasingly easier to discover brands I love. It was through Instagram that I came across Seaworthy, a handmade jewelry line by designer Marisa Howard. She employs four women, and based in Portland, Oregon, this small team of five focuses on clean and minimal designs and sustainable production practices. Over the years I have watched them release one stunning collection after another and am delighted to finally have a few pieces of my own. I wear my Orina cuff every. single. day. Because they have chosen a minimalistic approach, every piece you own will inevitably become a staple, a perfect finishing touch to any outfit. Just what I was looking for.

I'm wearing the Bixa necklace and Orina cuff, as well as the Parsec ring and Chrondrite ring from their latest collection, Gravity.


All jewelry by Seaworthy. Take some time to browse their site and be sure to follow them on Instagram as well!

Glasses by Warby Parker

Top by Elizabeth Suzann

Jeans are vintage Levi 501's


Additional photos by Morgan Shea Price

Regina of Forged & Found


Last week I traveled to Georgia, accompanied by Morgan Shea Price, to meet and photograph the multitalented Regina of Forged & Found in her Athens studio. Immediately upon arriving on her doorstep, Regina cheerfully lead us inside, out of the sweltering afternoon heat and into the most inviting space. (As for me, I felt quite at home right away and may have even taken my shoes off less than 5 minutes later.) As I watched Regina at work I was so in awe of her skill, her hands moving deftly to create such beautiful, functional art, that I nearly forgot I wasn't merely an observer. Have you ever watched a potter at the wheel? Completely bewitching. Fortunately, I managed to free myself from the trance and you can see the results from our visit below. Enjoy!

regina (9 of 37).jpg



To learn more about Regina and her work, visit her website here. And be sure to keep in touch with her on Instagram and Pinterest!

Morgan documented our overnight trip and shared on her vlog! You can watch the video here. Morgan is a makeup artist, photographer, and new Youtuber and you will continue to hear me rave about her. Subscribe to her YouTube channel for genius make-up tutorials and much more! I'm biased, sure, but I can assure you won't regret it. You can also follow her on Instagram here.